The Right Solution When Space is Limited

When you need tower-sized performance, but only have a small footprint, monopoles are the perfect solution. Combining engineering expertise, high-quality manufacturing practices and economical slip-joint design, Valmont’s multi-sided monopole are available in heights exceeding 250 feet. These poles can be custom-designed for a variety of single or multi-user configurations and in a wide variety of finishes to meet local aesthetic and zoning requirements.

Telecom Monopoles

OM ENTERPRISEShas global expertise in addressing the monopole and structural accessory needs of the telecommunications industry.

Leveraging a solid foundation of in-house, engineering excellence, Valmont Structures can design and manufacture structures which address tough technical challenges in most environments.

Hot-dip galvanizing is available to extend product service life and a wide variety of finishes are also offered to help Valmont customers meet local aesthetic and zoning requirements.

In addition to designing telecom pole infrastructure and providing durable coatings, the company’s engineering professionals provide foundation analysis for new installations as well as structural integrity analysis which is essential when evaluating equipment retrofits and upgrades.

Monopole features include:

  • Constant-tapered hollow steel shaft sections up to 53 feet
  • Slip joints designed with a minimum of 1-1/2 times the pole diameter at the splice
  • Flanged joint designs available
  • Pole shafts fabricated from low-alloy, high-strength steel
  • Hot-dipped galvanizing per ASTM A-123
  • Formal stress analysis and drawing package for building permit submissions

Telecom- Smart Pole

Valmont Structures offers state-of-the-art Smart Poles for urban areas and smart cities with multi-utility functions and facilities for citizens, visitors and businesses. The poles are sleek, visually appealing and augment city aesthetics. Valmont Smart Poles implement the plug-and-play based methodology enabling the add-on of any feature and facilities at any time in future with absolute ease. These poles are designed, manufactured and supplied to order as per customer requirements and specifications.

Camouflaged Pole

Valmont Structures offers a full range of monopoles and decorative communication structures designed for a minimal visual impact application complying with technology and environmental demand. Choose from a variety of finishes to meet your local aesthetic and zoning requirements.

Our decorative camouflaged poles, available in pine, palm or coconut tree designs, perfectly blend with the landscape and surrounding environment to create solutions for the wireless industry that conform to demanding community standards. The main structure is a galvanized steel monopole, painted or covered with epoxy bark, with tree branches and artificial foliage outfitted on the top section.

Lattice Tower

These are the traditional type of telecommunication towers, made up of angular segments. These towers come in various types and can be made as 3-legged or 4-legged structures.  They can be used for both “Green-Field” and “Roof-Top” environments.