Leading the way in Lighting Structures

From active urban throughways to small-town ballfields, the safety and security that comes with proper lighting are crucial. But just as essential as the need for reliable lighting is a need to add appeal to the environment it brightens. As the world’s leading manufacturer of light poles, we offer a broad array of styles, sizes and materials to create the ideal light pole for you. And, if you don’t see just the right pole for your community, business, public space or sports arena, we’ll design and create it for you. Learn more at  Om Enterprises

Street Light Poles

People gain an important sense of safety when neighborhood and city roadways are well illuminated with street lights.

Om Enterprises offers an excellent selection of traditional, historic and modern poles for roadway and highway lighting applications.

Possessing a passion for quality, service and innovation, Om enterprises designs and manufactures decorative and conventional street lighting poles and high mast structures that are installed in communities across the world.

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High Mast Lighting Solutions

High Masts and High Masts with latching systems are often located where today’s most busy expressways merge or intersect. Our tapered steel high masts also support other large area lighting applications, such as those found at airports, shipping terminals and other heavy-industry zones. In all these applications, safety is paramount and technical design expertise is essential.

Our single tube, high mast structures can reach heights of up to 100 feet and are adaptable to lowering devices or fixed mount arrangements. To meet your aesthetic needs, our high masts poles are available in a variety of configurations and finishes, such as painted, galvanised, or paint over galvanising.


Engineers, architects, contractors and city planners rely on Valmont for unparalleled safety and quality manufacturing for high masts. Our engineers consider lighting load, tower weight, variable wind speeds, local soil conditions and a host of other relevant variables, which less experienced suppliers may overlook. Meeting the needs of you, our customer, is our top priority. No matter how large or small your order, our focus is to provide a quality product, to deliver that product on time and as per your project requirements.

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Your flag is a symbol of who you are and what you believe. That’s why it deserves to fly on the best mast available.

A flag mast from Valmont® Structures is engineered and manufactured with decades of traffic and telecommunications structure, lighting and utility poles and coatings experience behind it. What’s more, Valmont is the only manufacturer in India following the FP 1001-07 international design code. Your flag mast is too important for anything less.

When you purchase a flag mast from Valmont, you get:

  • Galvanising or liquid coatings that not only add longer life and aesthetic value to your flag mast but can also be colored to further support your organization or cause.
  • Masts are typically manufactured up to 60 meters tall, providing plenty of height while still maintaining an unwavering commitment to safety from Valmont.
  • Tapered mast designs reduce the impact from wind, and add to the durability and longevity of the mast.


Whether you raise your flag once, or raise and lower it each day, a flag mast from Valmont comes with everything you need to fly your flag with ease and confidence:

  • 3” diameter dome on top
  • Single flag rotating truck (allows the flag to blow freely in the wind)
  • 2 swivel snaps to attach the flags to the rope
  • Rope to raise and lower your flag
  • Anchor cleat for wrapping rope

Whether it is for a government facility, university or school campus, sports venue, commercial enterprise, park or even for personal use, Valmont Structures offers a custom-engineered flag mast that is easy to use, backed by decades of pole design and manufacturing experience and will display your flag for many years into the future.

Signage Masts

If your business depends on people finding your location—gas station, grocery store, repair shop, etc.— then signage masts from Valmont® Structures are the best way to make sure your sign, and your business, are noticed.

Through its decades of experience engineering and manufacturing traffic sign structures, outdoor lighting poles, high-masts and utility poles, Valmont Structures understands the countless variables involved in creating signage masts that are installed near high-traffic roadways. Our signage masts are the most durable on the market.

But durability is just the beginning of the value of we provide you:

  • Our signage masts come with raising and lowering mechanisms, making sign repairs faster and more economical.
  • We offer heights of 40 meters (sometimes higher), giving you optimal visibility while still maintaining our high standards for safety.
  • Our custom design capabilities also mean they are unique to your business, offer more aesthetic value and can be coated to extend their longevity.

Meeting the needs of our customer is our top priority. No matter how large or small your order, whether it’s a standard product or specially designed to meet your requirement, our focus is to provide a quality product, to deliver that product on time and as per your standards, and ultimately, to be your reliable partner to help strengthen your brand.

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GRP Lighting Pole

Product Details:

Pole TypeRound
Height5 -12 m
Usage/ApplicationArea Lighting
Sheet Thickness2-3 mm

Our company is highly esteemed in offering GRP Light Poles to the client. The resulting investigates into non-corrosive resources have terminated in the choice of the glass fiber unbreakable polyester (GRP) products. These GRP light poles are utilized as decorative poles in the garden, parks, and other places. These are suitable for coastal areas, containment areas, chemical lighting and discharge areas. We offer GRP Poles in different sizes, shapes and colors. These composite products are non-polluting, have a long life and can be reused in a different location as if they are brand new.

Swaged Light Poles

Product Details:

Pole TypeDual-Arm
MaterialMild Steel, Aluminum, GI
Height10-25 m
Usage/ApplicationStreet Lights, Over Bridge, Factory Yards, etc
BrandAnmol Poles
Surface FinishedGI Coated
Thickness3-5 mm Sheet Thickness

Knowing us as a reputed firm, we are engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of Swaged Light Poles in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Electric tubular Swaged Poles are crafted with the best engineering skills to meet international standards. We are well quipped to meet your pole requirements.

Our poles are used for street lights, over bridge lights, factory yards, Petrol pumps, garden flood lights, City beautification with poles and innumerable other uses.

Our experience speaks for you that these iron poles are far more stronger, stable and longer-lasting than the cement poles. Our poles are eye catching and are bound to appeal to your aesthetic sense. We want you to have the best. And we can given you the best. Do give us a chance to serve you.